48V Electric bicycle battery pack BMS for 13S-cells(25A)

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Product Description

Electric bicycle battery pack BMS for 10S-cells (25A)
MCU controls motor's soft start and break;

Input Charging Voltage: 54.6 ±1% V

Input Charging Current: 2 ~8 A

Output Discharging Voltage :35.75 ~54.6V

Output Discharging Current: 24~ 30 A

Continuous Output Discharging Current :≤25 A
Over-Charge Voltage Protection (OVP): 4.250 ± 0.25V

Over-Charge Voltage Protection Release (OVPR): 4.100 ±0.050 V

Over-Discharge Voltage Protection (UVP) 2.75 ±0.10 V

Over-Discharge Voltage Protection Release (UVPR) 3.00 ±0.10 V

Over-Current Charge Protection (OCCP) : 10 ±2.5 A

Over-Current Discharge Protection 0 Release: 32 S

Over-Current Discharge Protection (OCDP) : 60 A
Cell balance:

Bleed Start Point: 3700 mV

Bleed Accuracy :20 mV

Bleed Current :70~ 90 mA

Balance Mode: Charge

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