Vappower IMR18650-15 1500mAh 35A high drain 18650 battery

 Vappower IMR18650-15 1500mAh 35A high drain 18650 battery

Model No.︰IMR18650-15


Country of Origin︰Korea

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Minimum Order︰100 pc

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Product Description

The high power 18650 35A high drain batteries Vappower IMR18650 1500mAh.
Typical Capacity: 1500mAh ;
Nominal Voltage: 3.6V;
Cut off Voltage : 2.5V;
Continuous maximum charge current: 4A;

Maximum discharge current: 35A ;

Pulse discharge current:50A;

Size: Max.18.25x 65.00mm;

Packaging: 100pcs/carton

~~Also we can provide silicone 18650 battery protection case together~~.

Application: E-bike, E-scooter, EV (Electric Vehicle), Garden Tool, Vacuum Cleaner, ESS(Energy Storage System), UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply).
Please notice that this cell is not for sale.
Cells can not be single used outside battery packs without PCM.  

EVVA is capable of assembling different battery packs by combining these high-end battery cells and self-developed BMS based on our professional rich skills.
OEM orders are available.

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